Sometimes a great Product Manager is not enough.

Sometimes it takes a village.


“We have a strategic plan.

It’s called doing things.”

Boost your team's productivity and efficiency with our team. Get your priority unstuck with some of the best freelance Engineers, Designers, UX, and Researchers via MindTrust, a premier talent marketplace (they call it “team as a service”, I call it “getting stuff done.”), to launch your next priority project.

Let us handle your next app, site, or feature, and we’ll bring the Product Manager (me), Engineers, Designers and UX to your project.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work?

    Schedule a call to explain your project and timeline. We’ll get back to you with a timeline and pricing based on the resources you’ll need. We start asap.

  • Will you follow my process?

    Yes, we’re an extension of your team so we’ll operate in whatever tools or process you want. Or we can bring our own.

  • How do you bill?

    Hourly, only based on actual worked logged.

  • Did you build an agency?

    No, I built a results machine. You tell us which project you want done and what success looks like. You only pay for the hours we work. Then we’re good (unless you want to keep working together).

  • Do you have a speciality?

    We’re pretty good at most things, here are some examples.