Build the product your customers deserve, today.

Hi, I’m Sam Feldman and my experiences at TripAdvisor, Trello, and Google all shaped me into the product manager I am today. Let me help you in a part time or fractional capacity, whether you’re a B2B, B2C, or B2BC software company.

Get additional Product Management on high priority projects.

It doesn’t matter how good your Engineering team is if they are not given something worthwhile to build.”

Marty Cagan

Marty Cagan

Author of Inspired: How To Create Products Customers Love

My current projects:

Building a new health assessment module for a school SaaS co.

Overhauling the new user signup flow and on-boarding for a documentation SaaS co.

Building a product management training curriculum

What I actually do... build sh!t.


Build & Ship

You Always Get This ☝️

  • Requirements gathering, spec writing, and all the JIRAs
  • Leading Engineering meetings
  • Stakeholder management
  • Regular status updates
  • Product analytics


  • Working with Design, Research, Sales, Marketing and anyone else


I bring experience with this...

  • Product strategy
  • Roadmap development
  • User interviews and feature needs identification


  • Product prioritization
  • New product research
  • Product launch support
  • Build vs buy evaluations

Team & Process

... and this...

  • Product process audit and new process development
  • Product stack & tools audit
  • Team & skills audit
  • Product training


... and this too!

  • Job description creation
  • PM interview consulting
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate interviewing
  • New hire on-boarding

Sometimes you just need a little help.

Some of my past wins:


Oversaw strategic partnership and integration of and Expedia to increase the breadth of quality accommodation choices in focus markets by 10%.

Ensured that each accommodation has high quality property-level photos, amenities, descriptions, maps, reviews, etc, adding XXM new pieces of content.

Trello for Mac and Windows


Launched two of Trello's biggest features in 2017:

  • Trello for Mac and Windows
  • Unsplash integration

Both were incredibly successful.

Let's do this!