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How do you bring the right product to market? Hi, I’m Sam Feldman with experience at TripAdvisor, Trello, and Google. Let me help you in a fractional capacity, whether you’re a B2B, B2C, or B2BC company.


Can you relate to any of these challenges?

Problem #1:

You're the co-founder of a startup. You came up with the idea and now you're running a business. You're also managing the team, fundraising, attending meetings, and trying to build products on the side.

Problem #2:

You're a product leader and you need help executing but you can't make a full-time hire. You're creating a bottleneck for your Engineering team and your stakeholders are coming asking why you haven't shipped.

Problem #3:

You have a team in place but they're not performing at the level you want them to. You don't have time or aren't sure how to level-up their game.


Sam has a thirst for knowledge and comes to work with a growth mindset. Paired with a humble, self-motivated personality - Sam was a pleasure to work with and is a wonderful team collaborator that facilitates fast paced, high quality product decision making. What is most impressive about Sam is his ability to balance a nuanced understanding of the big picture business strategy while still being focused on the deep tactical details required to maintain a high quality execution bar. Any company looking for a get-things-done, thoughtful product manager would benefit from Sam's talents.

chang yu

Chang Yu

Senior Product Manager, Compass


My current projects:

Building a new health assessment module for a SaaS school app

Overhauling the new user signup and on-boarding for a PM documentation SaaS co.

Building a product management training curriculum


We worked with Sam as a fractional PM during the 6 months that lead-up to us hiring our first full-time PM. He is a really experienced PM. We thought that we were pretty data driven in the way we worked before, but working with Sam helped us take that to the next level. He showed us what can mean in practice to reason from first principles around the data and then turn that into concrete action in distinct increments. Sam is great at conducting and extracting valuable insights from customer interviews. We will continue to stay in touch following the more intense phase of our collaboration, working with Sam in more of an advisory role.

Nils Janse

Nils Janse

Co-founder, Delibr

Sam is an extraordinarily customer and team focused PM. I worked with Sam directly on a number of high impact projects, and he was consistently thoughtful, customer-centric, and data-driven in his PM approach, making big impacts to Tripadvisor’s overall visitor experience. Sam would be a great addition to any PM team, and I’m looking forward to working with him again one day!

will eisner

William Eisner

VP of Product, CafeMedia


What I actually do... build sh!t.


Build & Ship

You Always Get This ☝️

  • Requirements gathering, spec writing, and all the JIRAs
  • Leading Engineering meetings
  • Stakeholder management
  • Regular status updates
  • Product analytics


  • Working with Design, Research, Sales, Marketing and anyone else


I bring experience with this...

  • Product strategy
  • Roadmap development
  • User interviews and feature needs identification


  • Product prioritization
  • New product research
  • Product launch support
  • Build vs buy evaluations

Team & Process

... and this...

  • Product process audit and new process development
  • Product stack & tools audit
  • Team & skills audit
  • Product training


... and this too!

  • Job description creation
  • PM interview consulting
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate interviewing
  • New hire on-boarding

Ready to launch?


If you're looking for a customer-centric PM who not only delivers but improves the team surrounding him, look no further than Sam Feldman. I had the opportunity to work with Sam for over a year as a member of my product team at Tripadvisor and I found him to be laser-focused on delivering customer value while constantly pushing the team around him to ship frequently, regardless of resource or technology constraints. Sam's background makes him an amazing parter to marketing teams and he is one of those rare people that is constantly looking outside himself to find ways to help and support the organization around him. Sam would make an amazing addition to any customer-obsessed product team and I'd be lucky to have the chance to work with him again.

jeff arena

Jeff Arena

VP of Product Management, goPuff

Sam has an innate sense of product ownership, his domain knowledge was spectacular as well as his ability to adjust on the fly to changing requirements and roadblocks. The specs he wrote were some of the cleanest and most well thought out that I have ever dealt with as an Engineer. This in turn saved me hours of time and allowed me to ship product solutions faster and with fewer issues. Sam always listened to suggestions from other members of the team and acted on them as much as he could. He had an unstoppable desire to deliver the best product possible, and consistently did so by not only contributing his expertise, but also by drawing out the best from each member of the team. A team led by Sam Feldman is a team that works seamlessly together to deliver a phenomenal product on time and within budget.

mitchell mellone

Mitchell Mellone

Software Engineer, Cohere Health

Some of my past wins:

SchoolSuite Health Module

SchoolSuite's Health Module

The Health Module for iOS and Android creates a robust system of COVID-19 Reporting, Contact Tracing & Daily Health Screening for K-12 Schools. Link

"Sam is an effective partner who listens to all parties and comes up with creative solutions that we were not able to come to on our own. Sam was brought into a less than productive situation with developers and founders that could not find a communication pattern that worked productively. Sam listened to everyone's goals and built a framework to move the company's technology as well as our communications forward so that we could accomplish our goals, without Sam's help the issues would have devolved into a mess.

I highly recommend Sam as an integral part to any company working on improving their technology infrastructure. In short, Sam is a pro and a pleasure to work with."

Ben Prince, CEO

SchoolSuite is a leading school student life management app.




Oversaw strategic partnership and integration of and Expedia to increase the breadth of quality accommodation choices in focus markets by 10%.

Ensured that each accommodation has high quality property-level photos, amenities, descriptions, maps, reviews, etc, adding XXM new pieces of content.

Trello for Mac and Windows


Launched two of Trello's biggest features in 2017:

  • Trello for Mac and Windows
  • Unsplash integration

Both were incredibly successful.


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