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How is this different?

It's not. Anyone claiming that they are unique in this process is full of sh!it. There's an employer looking to make a great hire, an interview process intended to evaluate for skills and traits, and a candidate looking to make a great next step in their career. It's dealing with people.

However, if you want to get a sense of me, here are some of my values:

recruiting value 1 - great employers

Great Employers

I only recommend companies that are successful, growing, and invest in my network's career growth. Yes, I want to make money but not at the expense of making a great recommendation. If I wouldn't work at your company, I don't want to work with you.

Transparency & Communication

As a candidate nothing sucks more than not knowing what the job entails, what skills they want, what to expect from the interview process, or (hopefully not) if you're rejected why you didn't pass so you can improve in the future. I gather this info and share as much as I can with the candidate.

I maintain clear communication and expectation setting each step of the way.

Great Candidates

No jerks. Real people with actual experience doing the thing(s) you're hiring for. I feel pretty good about gauging that, having worked across a range of companies.

recruiting candidates requires a lot of teamwork

Repping Companies

Work with someone who has built a community of 2,500+ Product Managers, Engineers, Designers, UX Research, Marketers, and others, to find the right talent for your team.

Over 15+ years of experience working at some of the leading tech companies.

No BS and a focus on candidate experience.


Repping Candidates

Don't go out on a limb on your own! Work with someone who has coached Product Managers, Engineers, Designers, UX Research, Marketers, and others, to land their next role.

Let me pitch you to companies.

No BS.


Candidate Bill of Rights

To ensure all candidates have the best possible experience and your brand provides an exceptional candidate experience, we ask employers to:

  • Provide clear next steps on each phase of the interview.
  • Provide timely communication within 24hrs or expectations of when a candidate will have an update.
  • Only recommend opportunities that advance candidates' careers and align with their goals.

Let's Work Together

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