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👋 I’m Sam Feldman and I work with product, engineering, design, and marketing to help the world lead more purposeful and fulfilled lives.

Here's my LinkedIn

In addition, I’ve also:

  • Built one of the new TripAdvisor Hotels SaaS offerings and increased bookable inventory by XX%
  • Landed a Sr. Product Management job at Tripadvisor
  • Launched Trello for Desktop on Mac & Windows
  • Landed a Product Marketing role at Trello and got acquired by Atlassian
  • Built and led three departments - Customer Success, Partnerships, and Support at Skyword
  • Convinced my wife to travel South America for 6 months
  • Quit a job at Google
  • Helped launch Google Retargeting.
  • Sold $XXXM+ of AdWords and Display
  • Landed a job at Google
  • Became a US citizen
  • Moved here as a refugee at the age of 6

I've built my career on techniques that work and I’ll share them with you.

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